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“Cipriani cannot be defined by a single frame of mind; it is intangible but immediately
recognizable in any Cipriani establishment around the world. It is not about what you see or touch, it is about what you feel and sense.” - Arrigo Cipriani (2001)

While every detail is considered in creating distinguished venues and flawless products and services, the true essence of Cipriani’s success may be found in the way that it serves its patrons with loyal devotion. “The Good Life” is redefined with Cipriani care and style as the Company continually seeks to provide the world’s most sought-after social experiences. It is this very essence that is the foundation of the company.

BASE Dubai is a super club located in most fashionable Dubai Design District andpromises to take its' guests on an unforgettable journey where music, art, shows anddesign collide together whilst bringing a multi sensorial experience.

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